Proweaver Complaints?

“Thank you so much for such impressive job that you and your staff are doing for Flamingo Media Center, a project, which will become a component part of Flamingo Social Media platform. I think I like this idea of your design team that enables Flamingo Users to setup and upload their own links And logo/Images to their own relevant Media Center categories. You have really understood my vision. I will give you any further feedback I have to if I find anything that calls for further feedback. GREAT JOB.”     

by: Flamingo Media Center

“Living the dream while making our website more fun and interactive with Proweaver. Anna Diaz is the best!”

by: Thinkie Winks (formerly Clear Dream)

“Thank you guys for making my website more professional and thank you for your patient. It worth the long wait. People have being commenting positively about my site.

I have got some booking and very happy about customers comments about the site.

And I have being throwing your company name around. Please put your banner and your link by the deserve it. . Kelly you’re wonderful, Vera you’re the best, Wendell you know your stuff very well.. and the rest of the team that have worked and still working on my site I thank you all.”